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Csapat: Y-production, Speedsound Rec./BR.

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Tamás Köntös aka SHX is a Full-On and Twilight Psychedelic Trance producer born in Ukraine, but raised in Hungary. Tamás was introduced to the Psytrance music scene in 2006, and shorly after began producing his own unique brand of Psychedelic Trance music. Every year since 2009, Tamás has been spending November-April in Goa, India; the birthplace of Psychedelic and Goa Trance. SHX along with Tamás’s other project DMT Audio has been featured at many festivals including the legendary Ozora Festival, and in countries including: India, Thailand, Laos, Sri-Lanka, and of course his home, Hungary. Tamás has been conducting research into the relationship between state of mind and musical frequency, allowing him to integrate brainwave altering techniques into his musical production; representing the next leap forward in music technology. Starting the year 2014 off with a bank, SHX joins German Psychedelic Trance label, Solar Tech Records; one of today’s leading labels for Psychedelic and Progressive Trance music. Look forward to many releases coming from SHX coming on Solar Tech!

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Astrix, Materia, Krama, Brainiac, Frenessy, FFT/Lamat

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/ Speedsound Rec./BR. / 2012

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