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Kedves Hirdetők!

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  1. 02 April 14, 4:47pm

    Hi my Hungarian friends!

    I’m David Ferrini, part of a DJ/Producer/Musician group called Almy & G.o.D

    We just had our first big release, signed to Italian label Dance and Love. We are a bit of a mix of cultures – Italian Aus, Afghan Aus, Iran Aus, Irish Aus and one Italian based in Catania, Sicily.

    Our song is called Hot In Here and the video was filmed on the Gold Coast, Australia and is getting a lot of attention over on European radio and also on the equivalent of their MTV’s.

    Here is a link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQjlmqjTbXI

    Is it possible to send you the song so that if you have some time to fill in your programming that you could air it? We have some remixes available too



    Thanks so much for reading, Here is the download link for the radio edit of HOT IN HERE.

    if you would like the remixes please let me know!

    David Ferrini

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